In training a man’s best friend, there are different types and different methods depending on what type of breed and where. At the very essence, training of dogs is a process of teaching certain behaviors desired for dogs at various events and situations. There are many types of training available. They may vary from basic obedience trainings to performing tricks, teaching dogs how to rescue in times of disasters, hunting and other instinctive behaviors that should be appropriate at all times in various situations.

As you see, dogs have natural instincts. Their basic characteristics and natures vary differently and such dog training is needed in order to match them. Certain training techniques would definitely favor a dog when it is able to obey the training directions given by its handler.

Communicating With Your Dog

Basically, training a dog is all about communication. The handler should be able to communicate with the dog the proper behavior that is required for certain situations or circumstances. The dog on the other hand, should be able to communicate what type of training should be done that will match its attitude and instincts. By satisfaction, the dog will be able to follow the directions and training given by its handler. The handler is able to achieve his goal of training the dog when he is able to understand the signs being communicated by the dog to him. It is very important to consider the emotions of the dog when in training. Otherwise, it will be hard to teach the dog in an orderly and progressive manner.

Different Breeds, Different Training

Around the world, there are different types of dog breeds. Each breed is unique on its own. They have different sets of characteristics, different histories, origins and trainings. In training each of them, it is very important to study well the natural instincts of a certain breed that you would like to train. If you let a certain breed do what it is incapable of doing, then you’ll end up wasting your time and won’t be able to achieve your main goal of training your dog for the proper behavior that you’d wish it will have.

There are various types of dog breeds based on their categories. There are hunting dogs, working dogs, and house dogs. Hunting dogs are obviously used for hunting. They have skills that may be wild and furious. With this type of category, it is best that you train them to be able to socialize with other animals and with strangers because they might bark at them and frighten them whenever possible. Another type is the working dogs which are used either on military grounds. They have firm and strong muscles which are very useful in overnight search for drug paraphernalia or criminals that need to be detected for warrant purposes. For this type, it is best that they are given full training on being able to detect chemicals and the like as well as learn how to be really alert and watchful. On the other hand, the house dogs are those that we call “pets at home”. They are the ones which we cuddle in bed or in the living room or even in the back yard. These pets are given dog obedience training and how to socialize with different types of people. They may even be trained for tricks and other games that the family will enjoy.