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Dog Breeds Temperament
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                        Dog Breeds Temperament





          People love dogs and we all think that they are man’s best friend. Well, in fact, it is certainly true. Almost all dogs are very intelligent and are almost all the time, man’s companion in daily tasks especially at home. In choosing dogs, we must look at its basic characteristics, physical appearance, health concerns and many others. But more than that, it is the general temperament of the dog that you will choose to buy that will be more important than the rest. For this will match your personality and fit your lifestyle as well.


          The various dog breed types have various temperaments as well. It is important to note that there are some that have good and loving temperaments that will be easy to train for much proper behavior. There are some on the other hand that would require further training as their instincts are wilder than the rest. It is basically dependent on the type of breed, its origin and its natural instincts, the general temperament it has. More often than not, handlers communicate well with their dogs and besides the basic knowledge that they know about their dogs, it is the response of the dog that is most likely to affect the type of training given to them. And handlers should be able to adjust very well in order to achieve full training given the natural and general temperament its dog has.


There are breeds such as the Golden Retrievers and the Cocker Spaniels which are known to be more outgoing and friendly. These types of dog breeds are the ones which a family can enjoy training very well for home use. On the other hand, dog breeds such as the Bull Mastiff and the Bull Terriers are very aggressive which would require more patient training in terms of their temperament.


It is basically dependent on the handler which type of dog breed would best suit his or her lifestyle and allotted available space for the dog.


Characteristics To Consider In Choosing a Dog Breed:


  1. Energy
  2. Activity level and playfulness
  3. Aggression
  4. Intelligence
  5. Sensitivity
  6. Loyalty
  7. Compatibility with people and other animals


By knowing these, you will be able to determine which type of dog breed you’d feel like taking care of and brining to your abode. There may be guide books which will help you determine which breed can be best suitable for you and your lifestyle. And once you are able to choose which breed you like, it is still much better to take careful observation and one-on-one interaction with your chosen breed as this will definitely help you a lot in not just understanding but also in enabling them to be given proper training that is best suitable for their breed type. On the other hand, it is very advisable to consider the age of the dog when you first train them. As puppies, it is much better that you are able to observe their natural instincts and thus give them proper training at the very start for you to be able to make them behave the way you would like them to be according of course to their type of breed temperament.

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