Dog Breeds Introduction

Many Dog Breeds of today date back thousands of years. A domesticated subspecies of the wolf, the dog is under the order Carnivora, and Canidae family. Amongst any other animal, the dog is kept as a companion especially at home. They are social animals with various personalities and behaviors depending on which breed they belong to and what type of treatment they get from their owners. The dog can also be used as a food source for some cultures and for some, as a religious symbol or icon. A population of around 400 million dogs is found in the whole world. Historically speaking, dogs were first domesticated in the area of East Asia, particularly in China. As migration happened in humans, so too did the variety of dog forms.

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Dogs and Breeds

There are hundreds of different dog breeds in the world and more are being added all the time. A breed is defined therefore as a group of animals/species that have the same set of characteristics that are distinguishable from other animals. Various kennel club’s found in the whole world recognize a list of dog breeds around 800. There are some basic breed types that evolved alongside with the dog’s relationship with humans. But over time, there are breeds, which are more specialized than the common and basic ones. They may either vary in height or in color. In breeding circles, “dog” is the term used for male canine while “bitch” is the term used for the female canine.

Dog Breeds – Select the Right Dog Breed

When getting a dog, you might want to consider some factors first to make sure your choice fits your personality and your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider. First would be the size of the dog. Is this dog going to be inside or outside? What is the dog’s temperament? If you want to have your dog on your lap, you may want a small dog breed, but if you want your dog to be outside, you should consider one of the large dog breeds.

You also need to look at your lifestyle. If you are an active person who likes to go on walks or likes to run, you may want to get a high energy dog breed that would enjoy doing these activities with you. On the other hand, if you don’t get out much to exercise, you should probably consider a low energy dog breed Pitbulls , otherwise your dog may tear up your house.

Next, the type of coat should also be considered. Do you prefer dog breeds that don’t shed, but have to groom, or would you rather have a dog you don’t have to groom. Depending on your schedule, the time spent in grooming your dog is very important. Grooming costs should also be considered.

Another factor is allergy-prone concerns or the total health of the dog. You should be able to confirm if you’d like your dog to be tolerable to allergies. You also should find a dog breed that is better for you if you have allergies. This is very important, but is often overlooked.

These and other important factors are very important in considering which dog breed will best suit you and your daily living. Having a dog is fun after all. You just have to learn many aspects and characteristics of your chosen dog before even deciding to purchase or get one.

Dog Breeds Obedience Training

Once you have selected the right dog breed for you and your family, you should next consider how you will train your dog. There are proven techniques in dog training that can make a huge difference in helping your dog blend in with your family. We highly recommend the Secrets of Dog Training. Order this eBook and get all of the free bonuses before you get your dog so you can get off to a good start and you don’t have to overcome learned behavioral problems. No matter what dog breed you choose, these proven techniques in dog training will make owning a dog just that much more enjoyable.

Dog Breeds Calendar
No matter what dog breed you choose to have as your pet, you might want to consider making a calendar. You can make your own 2014 calendar with pictures that you take of your dog and your family. It makes it more personal and allows you to show off the dog breeds of your choice.